About Us


Currently SANY has built 25 manufacturing bases, six sales regions, and over 100 offices with more than 400 agents and 8,000 suppliers worldwide. In China, SANY has established six industry parks in Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenyang, Kunshan and Urumchi. With global R&D centers and manufacturing bases in the US, Germany, India and Brazil, SANY’s products are exported to 150 countries and regions.



  • Investing 5–7% of annual sales revenue in R&D each year
  • Granted industry-topping 6,000 patents
  • Winner of National Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Winner of State Technological Innovation Award, the highest honor in China’s construction machinery sector


  • SANY SPS manufacturing system
  • World largest excavators assembly-line production base
  • Forerunner of big data and intelligent manufacturing
  • Winner of Global Performance Excellent Award


  • First-class, 24-hour customer service.
  • ECC Global Control Center monitors SANY’s machines in real time
  • Our warehouses across the globe store over 80,000 types of spare parts
  • Devoted to providing tailor-made solutions to improve on-site productivity

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